We are known for the quality and attention we pay to the jobs we do. You can be assured that when we clean your windows that we will take the same pride with washing your windows as we do when we clean your home or office. We provide up front and honest pricing to avoid the sticker shock of an increased price at time of   service. Call us and tell us how many panes of glass you have and we can price the job for  you. Or we can estimate based on the size of your home. 

                                              MaidPro a company you can trust, living and working in your neighborhood.

Serving Leduc, Edmonton, Drayton Valley, Beaumont, Devon,  Wetaskiwin,  Calmar, South Edmonton (Winderemere Ambleside, Allard, Heritage valley and surrounding areas.

Why we are the best choice when it comes to window washing and cleaning services around the Edmonton area.

Your service experience with Maidpro starts right now, give us a call and we will be happy to give you a quote right

over the phone. If you let us know the number of panes of glass on your home, with a few simple questions about

the number of panes of glass on your home or office we can give you a fairly accurate price. If when we get to you we

feel we are off on our price we would let you know before we start the job so you don't have any surprises. By doing

our quoting this way we can save costs and provide you with the information you need right away. Offices or

apartment buildings usually will require on site estimates.

We are compliant

We are a legal company that is duly registered and licensed by the authorities. Everything we do is compliant with

                                                 the  legal provisions that regulates our industry and we are members of the WCRA, an international association of window  washing                                                                    companies. For your protection we are insured, and carry WCB coverage and our staff is screened by the RCMP.

                                                  That said, if you are looking for window washing services around the Edmonton Leduc, Drayton Valley area, you know where to look. We                                                              always consider time a very important factort for our clients so we make sure that the job is done as quickly and correctly as possible. Having                                                     a professional and experienced group of cleaners helps us get things done fast. Our technology is modern, safe and effective. Reach out to                                                       us; we will certainly enjoy working with you, and we know that you too, will be satisfied with the service.